Aerial Trek & Cave Tubing (Full Day)

Enjoy a true bird’s eye view and fly through a tropical jungle!  Soar 65 to 70 feet from platform to platform at heights varying from 50 to 90 feet!  Aerial trekking through these rain forests offers views of Belizean wildlife you can’t get from the ground.  See birds, monkeys, and tropical plant life as you fly past.

Then you are off for cave tubing.  Upon arrival at the Caves Branch Archaeological Reserve, you will be equipped with inner tube, life vest, and head lamp.  You then hike down a trail to the river’s edge.  Your guide will brief you along the way, as you go on a very pleasant and comfortable hike through this pristine broad-leaf rain forest.  At the entrance of the cave, your guide once again briefs you and down stream you go, sitting quite comfortably on your inner tube.  Inside the caves, you will see stalagmites, stalactites and occasionally get a quick sighting of harmless fruit or fish bats.  At the exit of the cave, there’s a delightful down-river float in the open air, through mild rapids, past colorful rain forest and limestone cliffs.

At last, at the end of your cave tubing adventure, dry off and head back to San Pedro with a lovely boat ride back through the Caribbean.


Entrance fee $5.00 not included

Minimum 2 persons

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6 Reviews on “Aerial Trek & Cave Tubing (Full Day)”

  1. Jeff Ridenour Says:

    Imagine a rollercoaster through the treetops and that is what ziplining is like. This is an absolute blast and is very safe. Each rider has redundant safety gear, there are two wires and two points of support on each wire so you are well protected from falling. Yaaahooo…. The cave tubing is relaxing and fun as well. There is a lot to see in the cave like rock formations, waterfalls, grottoes and Bats! don’t worry, they won’t bite or otherwise attack you. You mostly float along gently but there is a small stretch of rapids that will spice things up a little.

  2. Jeff Ridenour Says:
    View from below
  3. Jeff Ridenour Says:
  4. Jeff Ridenour Says:
    Waterfall inside the cave
  5. Jeff Ridenour Says:
    There is light at the end of the tunnel!
  6. Jeff Ridenour Says: