Altun Ha Ruins & Maruba Jungle (Full Day)

If you’re seeking a mix of adventure and pampering, this is the perfect tour for you.

This trip starts with a short boat cruise around the island to Belize’s Northern River, which inhabits orchids, birds, and crocodiles.  Your first stop is at Bomba Village, where you can shop for beautiful hand-made woodcarvings, and it is also where you will then board a bus, which will take you to the Mayan pyramids of Altun Ha.

Altun Ha was the first Mayan site to be discovered in Belize, and on this tour, you will get to see first hand the gorgeous landscaping, genius ancient architecture, and Belize’s famous and ornately carved Jade Head of Kinich Ahau, the Mayan Sun God.

Climb the steps of the largest of Altun Ha’s temple-pyramids, the “Temple of the Masonry Altars”, which is 54 feet (16 m) high and is preserved on the logo of Belikin, Belize’s leading brand of beer.

After the tour, you will travel to the Maruba Jungle Spa, where you will enjoy the peaceful setting, relaxing pool, and excellent food.  For those who want to spoil themselves, enjoy a mud massage or other spa treatment.  Maruba Jungle Spa is a blend of various Mayan, Creole, and African influences with a refreshing jungle setting.  Maruba’s Jungle Falls swimming pool will cool you in the day and the Japanese tub will make an unforgettable experience.

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2 Reviews on “Altun Ha Ruins & Maruba Jungle (Full Day)”

  1. Matt Miller Says:
    My girlfriend (now my wife) and good friend went on the Altun Ha/Mabuba Jungle Spa adventure. This amounts to a boat right to the mainland, up the Northern River, then a bus ride from Bomba to Altun Ha. The travel is a big part of this adventure. We loved it almost as much as the ruins.

    We were picked up at the dock bright and early in the morning. We, along with about another 8 people, travelled by boat to the mainland and up the Northern River. We loved boating through the mangroves and seeing all the wildlife. Finally, we docked at Bomba. This is a tiny village where the people sell their crafts. We held off buying until the trip back to San Pedro but browsed in the morning.

    We got onto the bus for the drive up to Altun Ha. Drove on a nice road through/past the jungle. Seeing how many people live on the Belize mainland really opens your eyes and makes you appreciate what you have.

    Finally made it to Altun Ha, we took the guided tour around the ruins. While the ruins aren’t as spectacular as Lamanai or Tikal, they are still impressive and made a nice introduction to them for my friend and girlfriend. I’ve been on several similar mainland excursions in the past but seeing their eyes light up tells me it was very impressive for the first-timers. I’m an old-hand at these trips and I loved it.

    After Altun Ha, we went to Maruba Jungle Spa. We’re not big on getting massages but we still enjoyed our time wandering the grounds. It’s a very nice resort right in the thick of the jungle. We loved it. If you’re a massage-type person, I’m sure it would be heaven.

  2. Amy Fordham Says:
    My trip to San pedro, Belize was amazing! I stayed at the lovely Banana Beach Resort! The pools were refreshing, the food was delicious and the drinks were great. The hotel staff was friendly and helpful and the town was fun to explore. After a morning of snorkeling and lunch at Ali Baba’s and a day of walking the beach, the next days adventure was the Altun Ha Mayan ruins. Such an amazing sight to see, you can really feel the history and culture. Belize was an axcellent first trip to another county and I cant wait to go back!!