Cave Tubing & Belize Zoo (Full Day)

This wonderful day begins as the boat picks you up and makes its way towards the mainland.  Once you reach the mainland, you will cruise up the Old Belize River while enjoying a light breakfast and viewing crocodiles, iguanas, and howler monkeys.  You will also see a rich variety of flora.

Once at Manatee Lodge, you will hop on a private bus taking you to Jaguar Paw, where our guides will take you along a hike through the rainforest featuring exotic flora and fauna.

The hike ends at the periphery of a small gorge.  Here, the more adventurous leap from the edge into the still waters below.  The more faint of heart are led down a side path, to the entrance of a water filled cave, a place of ceremony for the ancient Maya.

Entering it, you’ll understand and feel why the Maya held this place as sacred. The mouth of the cave is like a portal to another world, and the limestone and crystal formations could only be created by Mother Nature.  Floating in your inner tube, you will journey effortlessly through this magical cavern beneath the jungle floor, eyes drawn to recesses of light exposing small oases of sandy beaches.

After floating through the fresh water river, you will return to the lodge, enjoy lunch, and then head towards the world famous Belize Zoo.

The Belize Zoo is called the “Best Little Zoo in the World” for a reason.  The first thing you may notice is the absence of concrete and bars because this zoo is built into a lush tropical savannah.

The zoo exhibits over 125 species of animals, all native to Belize, in a setting so entirely natural that it meets the approval of a wide variety of non-exhibit animals that have also chosen to call it home.

Visitors enjoy a remarkably intimate experience, with guides who are members of the zoo’s small zoo-keeping staff, who, like proud parents or pet owners, gush with intimate love and knowledge of the inhabitants.

But here’s why YOU will love this zoo:

  • Up close, the colors of a keel billed toucan are UNREAL.
  • At the Belize Zoo, you will encounter an animal weighing over 400 pounds, you probably never heard of.
  • Because the great and charismatic harpy eagle, Panama, with talons larger than the claws of a grizzly bear (and capable of exerting over 50 kilograms of pressure) loves to swoop in REAL CLOSE to carefully observe his visitors, and being that close to an animal of such exquisite beauty is nothing short of awe inspiring.
  • A lion’s roar is nothing compared to the roar of the howler monkey.
  • Because you’ll never see how gorgeous the rare black jaguar is by looking at photos.
  • Because you’ve probably never petted or fed a young jaguar, and being licked by one, if you’re lucky enough during the Zoo’s unique ‘Jaguar encounters’ with Buddy the hand raised jaguar, is an experience to brag about for a life-time.

These are just some of the rare, colourful, and unusual animals of the great Mesoamerican rain forest you’ll find at the Belize Zoo, and this is your opportunity to see them, up close and personal.

Includes: round trip by boat, tour guide(s), entrance fee, and lunch. Does not include $20 US Park Fee

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4 Reviews on “Cave Tubing & Belize Zoo (Full Day)”

  1. Steve Berry Says:

    This is an adventure that everybody should experience at least once. My wife and I enjoyed the jump into the river at the very start and the caves were absolutely gorgeous ! I know of nowhere else that you can do two such fun and adventurous things at once. Combining tubing in a beautiful jungle river along with caves, make it almost a religious experience. It is something that I will never forget.

  2. Jeff Ridenour Says:

    The cave tubing is relaxing and a lot of fun. There is much to see inside the cave, there are rock formations, waterfalls, rapids, grottoes, and Bats! The bats are small and cute, never fear, they won’t attack you. The Belize Zoo is great! It is the only place in Belize where you will see all the native wildlife. The only other way to see a Jaguar in Belize is to go hiking in the jungle with a piece of meat hanging around your neck but that method only lets you see a Jaguar once! The harpy eagle is an impressive bird and the Toucans come right up to the wire to greet you. The Coatimundis remind you of skinny raccoons with long snouts and are very cute. The zoo really is as advertised, “The best little zoo in the world”

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