Diving Blue Hole, Half Moon Caye, Lighthouse Reef (Full Day)

China has its Great Wall.  Paris has the Eiffel Tower.  And Belize has the Great Blue Hole.

If you’re a true adventurer, you’re not going to want to miss this opportunity.

Come aboard our boat and let us introduce you to some of the most spectacular diving accessible to you at the world famous Great Blue Hole and Lighthouse Reef, renowned for its sheer walls and impressive drop-offs.

This trip is a full day excursion that departs at 5:30 am and returns at 5:30 pm.  This adventure includes three spectacular dives.  Your first stop will be the Blue Hole, a 1,000 ft circular coral reef that drops 400 ft into an incredible cavern filled with stalactites and awe-inspiring natural formations.  A limited variety of fish species can be found here, Lemon and Black-tip Sharks, Horse-eye Jacks, and very rarely a Hammerhead Shark.

On your second dive, you will go to Half Moon Caye Wall and marvel at the abundance of its marine life.  Numerous varieties of sponge and sea fans compete for space, amongst a profusion of coral species that include Mountain Star, Giant Brain, Staghorn, and Lettuce Coral.  Turtles are common here and you can expect amazing encounters with many pelagics: Lemon, Black-tip, and Bull Sharks, with Pilot fish always in attendance, alongside the beautiful Spotted Eagle Rays.

After your second dive, a leisurely beach picnic lunch will be served on Half Moon Caye.  This Caye is a sanctuary for Red-footed Booby and Frigate birds.  There is an observation tower where it is possible to see all the nesting birds and observe the behavior of some of the 98 species of birds are recorded here.  Half Moon Caye has to be one of the most beautiful marine and terrestrial sites you will ever experience.

After relaxing on the palm-fringed beach, you are ready for your third dive at the Aquarium, so called because of the tremendous variety of fish found at this site, and their abundant numbers.  Various Angelfish and Butterfly fish, always found in pairs, flitting from coral head to coral head will surround you.  Millions of minnows swim in dense cloud like formations, occasionally being preyed upon by hungry Jacks, and single large Barracuda hover effortlessly in this fruitful hunting ground, an underwater video delight.

Included: Light breakfast, lunch, water, sodas, transportation, park fee, tax, tour guide.

Minimum 8 persons.

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One Review on “Diving Blue Hole, Half Moon Caye, Lighthouse Reef (Full Day)”

  1. Matt Says:
    The Blue Hole is truly amazing and a unique wonder of the world. If you get the chance, you have to check it out for yourself!