Lamanai & New River Lagoon (Full Day)

Begin your day with a delightful breakfast of fresh fruit, cinnamon rolls, and fresh squeezed orange juice as you wind your way through the Northern River and enjoy the early morning sights and sounds.  At Bomba Village, you will board our private van to Tower Hill.  Along the way, you will pass through quaint villages and pass by fields of sugar cane.  Once at Tower Hill, your journey through the New River begins.  Along the river, you will encounter animals indigenous to the area such as the river otter, turtles, crocodiles, and monkeys.  As you make your way towards the Lamanai ruins, you will encounter a rich variety of bird life including the rare Jabiru Stork.

At Lamanai, experienced guides will navigate you through the trails of jungle to the temples, which majestically perch on the waters edge.  You may find yourself in a daydream of ancient times, as Lamanai was a prominent center of the Pre-Classic Period with the now restored Temple of the Jaguar Masks and the High Temple.  There, you can climb the structures and enjoy a surreal view of the New River you just traveled

At the site you will also enjoy a lunch of local cuisine.

Entrance fee $5.00 US per person not included.

Minimum 6 persons.

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6 Reviews on “Lamanai & New River Lagoon (Full Day)”

  1. cher Says:

    I toured Lamanai last December with my husband and son and daughter-in-law and had an absolutely awesome time. I can’t believe it – I climbed the big pyramid and lived to tell. Our tour guide was so informative and interesting and told us a lot about the Maya culture and beliefs as well as things about the jungle and the wildlife. We saw a crocodile, some bats, a snake cactus, orchids and many other flora and faun. It was so good. I would love to go back some day soon.

  2. Kathy Says:

    I’ve been on this tour about 3 times and it seems everytime I see something different at Lamanai, well duh, I say..they are excavating… ; ) The guides are extremely informative and unlike alot of tours in the Caribbean I have always found the Belizian ones to be on time. The boat trip to the mainland is always an adventure (in a good way) and I would highly recommend this for a day tour.

  3. Jeff Ridenour Says:

    I have been to Lamanai 5 times and it never fails to thrill me. I feel like Indiana Jones going along the jungle trail when all of a sudden a temple or pyramid appears out of nowhere. Climbing the high pyramid is not to be missed. Once you get there you get a 360 degree view of the area. You can see almost all of the lagoon from there. Toucans and Howler monkeys inhabit the trees. Take my advice, don’t stand directly under Howler monkeys, they drop “gifts” on you and they aren’t nice gifts if you know what I mean. The guides have a wealth of knowledge about the site, the Mayan culture, and the local wildlife. The boat ride up the new river is a blast and the captain frequently stops to view wildlife. Springtime is a great time to visit because it hasn’t gotten hot yet and since it is the end of the dry season, there are few if any mosquitoes.

  4. Jeff Ridenour Says:
    Heliconia flowers at Lamanai
  5. Jeff Ridenour Says:
    Yes it does look that steep from the top of the High Pyramid at Lamanai. Yes it is worth the climb. The steps are simple to go up, coming down however, is easier if you hold the rope and side-step your way down.
  6. Jeff Ridenour Says:
    The Mask at the Mask Temple.