Snorkeling Bacalar Chico National Park (Full Day)

Located 25 miles on the north end of Ambergris Caye, right on the border of Mexico & Belize is Bacalar Chico National Park & Marine Reserve.  60% of the national park is considered as wetland, which includes Cenotes, lagoons & interior Mayan temples, but these are not accessible to visitors yet.  The Mayan dug out canal is the only section accessible, and here is where your journey begins…

Take a boat ride through the canal, where one enjoys the beautiful flora and fauna, birds, orchids, with sightings of barracudas, sting rays, and occasional sighting of crocodiles, dolphins and even Manatees.

The other 40% of the national park is solid and rich vegetation land.  White lipped peccaries, white tailed deer, bats, armadillos, and jaguars are some of the wildlife that roams the land, just as they did when they cohabitated with the ancient Mayans.  San Juan, known as a rich archaeological site is the only section accessible to visitors.  For the Maya, San Juan was a very important trading point center.  Today, most of the remains of the temples are resting three feet under water, now called the Mayan Artificial Reef of San Juan.

The marine reserve is known for its snorkeling, where you will experience sights unlike the typical Caribbean Sea experience.  There are three distinct sites to snorkel: 1.) Bacalar Patches, a shallow white sandy area with 4 large colorful coral patches, which are surrounded with marine life, 2.) Barracuda Patch, a deeper white sandy area with huge coral heads that almost perch out of the water, and 3.) Mexican Reef, a vibrantly colored coral line connected to the reef.

All snorkel sites are inside the reef, which makes snorkeling nice and easy, perfect for beginners.

Includes: all drinks, fish or chicken Bar B-Q and 2/3 snorkel stops (weather permitting).

Minimum 6 persons

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