Tikal Tour (Day Trip)

Your trip begins with a flight from San Pedro to Flores on which you will enjoy a gorgeous aerial view of the island scattered coast of Belize and the jungle terrain of the mainland.

The Tikal National Park; on the border of Belize and Guatemala; covers an area of over 200 square miles (approximately 576 sq. km), and is the largest excavated site on the continent …as well as a must stop for any enthusiast of ancient civilizations.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Tikal offers much to visitors: First, a remarkably well developed visitor’s centre, detailing the fascinating history of this once conquering city and centre of Mayan culture, awesome structures, including 5 temples soaring over 200 feet high, offering breathtaking views of a rain forest that seems to stretch forever (when you leave Tikal, you’ll know for certain that the ancient Maya were not scared of heights!), and one or two schools of coati mundis are always venturing in from the jungle and not afraid of visitors.

Exploring Tikal is an all day affair, but with so much to discover, Tikal is an excellent choice for large groups, couples and even the lone adventurer.

Included: Round trip air transportation from San Pedro to Flores, Guatemala and a picnic lunch.

Availability: Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

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