Xunantunich Ruin & Cave Tubing (Full Day)

The ruins of Xunantunich are impressive and remarkable.  About 40 km from the Tikal complex in Guatemala, Xunantunich was a major ceremonial center for the ancient Maya.  From its perch on a natural limestone ridge, visitors enjoy a fantastic view of the surrounding area.  From the top, you can see Guatemala.

And though the center is only one square kilometre, Xunantunich is home to 25 temples and palaces, including the second tallest Mayan structure in Belize, the pyramid El Castillo.  The site was the first in Belize opened to the public in 1954, and now it has a world renown on-site museum.

After exploring Xunantunich, you will then travel to jaguar Paw, where you will have an experience people are calling “Magnificent”, “Awesome”, “Amazingly beautiful!”, and “Belizean nature at its best!”

After a short hike through the exotic rainforest, enter an exciting realm where rivers disappear into the underworld as you float on inner tubes with only your headlamp to lead the way.  Glide past entrances from above, filtering mists of jungle light as you float through underground river caves sparkling with mica-studded stalactites and stalagmites, filled with 1,000 year old pottery shards, statues of fertility gods, and Mayan footprints.  Continue past an underground waterfall leading into the Crystal Cathedral, a spiritual place used by the ancient Maya.

Includes round trip by boat, tour guides, and lunch. The park fee of $10.00 US is not included.

Minimum 2 persons.

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8 Reviews on “Xunantunich Ruin & Cave Tubing (Full Day)”

  1. Jaime Giancola Says:
    This tour was fantastic! The mainland is a must-see if you are staying on the island. Our tour guides were very knowledgeable and personable. They even gave us rum punch at the end of the tour ans pointed out iguanas and howler monkeys in the trees for us!
  2. Jaime Giancola Says:
  3. Jaime Giancola Says:
    Cave Tubing
  4. Suzy Collins Says:
    We love Belize! Everytime we come to Belize it is a new adventure!
  5. Joanne O'Brien Says:

    You better Belize it!!! Tonight, sitting back here in cold Canada with the snow falling outside, I found myself longing to be back in Belize. Each year I try to escape, to enjoy the lush jungles of the mainland, the adventures and tours, and of course the rest, relaxation and peace of Ambergris Caye.

    I have toured the entire country from African Drumming Centre in Hopkins, to capital city of Belmopan, and to the quiet village of Maskall.

    Each one has it’s own uniqueness, but there is nothing so comforting as returning to my favourite place San Pedro. I can enjoy the prestine blue waters and snorkel with the stingrays, take a golf cart ride through the main streets of the bustling town or enjoy the nightlife dancing to reggae with my toes in the sand.

    I sit here in this cold country with warm socks on and a winter hat, ready to escape once again. La Isla Bonita, Here I Come.

  6. Steve & Nancy Harter Says:
    What a wonderful introduction to the country of Belize!

    When Nancy & I got back we couldn’t wait to view all the photos of our first visit to one of the friendliest, most beautiful places we’ve ever been. No matter where we were, we were greeted with the widest smiles and helpful people who made our trip so memorable, we have already decided to make a return visit and stay longer, as 9 days just wasn’t enough.

    While most of our overall trip time was on, in, or under the water, we did make it to San Pedro several times and Caye Caulker once. No matter where we were, we were always surrounded by the wonderful smiles on the faces of the fortunate ones who call this paradise home. The food was delicious at the many restaurants we visited both in and out of town, there was always sounds of music, the fragrances of fruit, flowers, exotic cooking, and salt air wafting around us.

    With as much beauty as there was on A.C., our trip wouldn’t have been complete with out a visit to the mainland. We opted for the excursion to Barton Creek & Xunantunich, Wow!!! A brief tropic air flight from A.C. to a tiny airstrip on the coast of Belize City found us inside a nice van on the road to the Cayo district. Our guide Rudy, had a wealth of information at every corner and was able answer all our questions about this intriguing area. As we were heading up the bumpy dirt road to Barton Creek we were fortunate enough to be able to give a lift to a Menonite man making his way back from town to his farm in the jungle, he was very friendly, soft-spoken, and humble but still was outgoing in his attempts to answer our awkward questions about his life and family. We dropped him at his farm but not before we passed his father & brother-in-law on the treacherous road riding in a horse drawn buggy and passing young boys plowing the fields getting ready to plant the next crop and young girls weeding the vegetable garden, all by hand, it was magical.

    Now comes Mike’s Place at the Barton Creek caves; we were greeted by “Mango” a resident 5 year old spider monkey who took a shine to Nancy, we had a difficult time separating the two, literally. At the edge of the creek there were roughly hewn stone steps that led us to the canoes our group would be paddling into the belly of this mysterious cave that seemed to go on forever and had new secrets around each bend. There were places where the stalactites were only inches over our heads, pottery and human remains of ancient Mayans on the ledges. I couldn’t help feeling similar to the first time I read Huckleberry Finn, I was a kid again, in the jungle, in a cave, on the water, in a canoe. Oh man, was I ever. I felt somewhat sad having seen the dim sunlight filtering through the shadows on our way back the narrow entrance of a once in a lifetime adventure.

    Onward and upward to Xunantunich; back down that dusty road to where the pavement began again we headed north till we reached a hand cranked ferry crossing the Mopan river leading to the gates of ancient archaeological site just briefly getting a glimpse of what was to come as we could just see the top of one of the temples rising above the canopy. A friendly ranger greeted and welcomed us to the incredible treasure in store for our now tightly knit group of six American explorers plus our native guide, Rudy. A steep incline led us to an awe inspiring view of the partially excavated plaza where I felt like I was stepping back into time and wondered if this place was a mirage. No, it’s magnificent, standing at the base of the towering monuments trying imagine the thousands of hands and feet of the brilliant peoples who lived and died here making this place truly a wonder of man’s achievements. Rudy was giving us all a narrative on the meaning and desires of each spectacle we gazed upon as ventured deeper into the heart and height of the 130’ tall main temple, I believe it was called the “Place of the Garden Maiden”. Just as we reached the top of the inspiring temple, after climbing though an enclosed stairwell, we were able to survey the scope of the entire plaza, the rain gods welcomed us with a torrential downpour. From here were could easily see Guatamala as it beckoned us to continue to venture on to Tikal. Alas, that would have to placed in the bucket list for another adventure as the rain was now getting to the point where descending from our perch would have to be slow and cautious as our day of adventure was nearing a close and the wild ride back through rain swollen roads and traffic snarled intersections would commence.

    Thank you Belize – we shall return.

    Steve & Nancy

  7. Congratulations to Jeff Ridenour! | Ambergris Caye Resort - Banana Beach Resort Belize Says:

    […] December 2010 – Winner – Jaime Giancola See the winning comment here! […]

  8. Price Massey Says:
    Our day excursion with Monkey Business to the mainland to see the ruins of Xunantunich and to cave tube was definitely a highlight of our week in Belize! Knowledgable, hospitable guides; authentic and delicious food (and rum punch!); convenient and efficient booking process. Highly recommend this trip!